A Developer’s Guide to Building AI Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating the digital transformation for every industry, with examples spanning manufacturing, retail, finance, healthcare, and many others. At this rate, every industry will be able to use AI to amplify human ingenuity. This e-Book provides a comprehensive roadmap for developers to build their first AI-infused application.

Using a Conference Buddy as an example, you’ll learn the key ingredients needed to develop an intelligent chatbot that helps conference participants interact with speakers.

This eBook provides an introduction to the tools, infrastructure, and services on the Microsoft AI Platform, and teaches you how to create powerful, intelligent applications:

• Understand how the intersection of cloud, data, and AI is enabling organizations to build intelligent systems.

• Learn the tools, infrastructure, and services available as part of the Microsoft AI Platform for developing AI applications.

• Teach the Conference Buddy application new AI skills, using pre-built AI capabilities such as vision, translation, and speech.

• Learn about the Open Neural Network Exchange.

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