77% of the workforce isn't ready for Industry 4.0.

How about you? Are you ready?


Recommended Course:

Business Application For The New Blockchain Enterprise(2 days course)

Get expert insights into the ever expanding world of blockchain and its adoption in the enterprise world with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the New Shared Economy.

Still Think Blockchain is Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?


Convert Insights into Business Intelligence



Recommended Course:

Critical Design Thinking For The New Blockchain Enterprise (2 days course)

Develop critical design thinking skills that will help you shape the future of your organization
by understanding in-depth the power of Blockchain and its role in complementing other
Industry 4.0 technologies like AI and IoT.

Recommended Course:

A.      Learn Basics Solidity Of  Programming(5 Days course)

B.   Learn Advance Solidity Of Programming (5 Days course)

C. The Hybrid Blockchain (3 Days course)

The future programmer is one that’s adept at integrating digital ledger technology with
technologies such as AI and IoT, and deploying smart contracts that will help enterprises
run more efficiently and effectively through the power of Blockchain. Now its your time to
learn this leading edge technology and be ahead of the competition.

The Future Programmer for Enterprise Blockchain

Beyond Fundamentals of Blockchain

Suitable for:

Business Owners


Project Managers

Technical Professionals

Critical Design Thinking for Blockchain Enterprise

Suitable for:

Business Owners | Project Managers | Senior Corporate Professionals | Entrepreneurs

The Future Programmer for Enterprise Blockchain

Suitable for:

Technical Professionals with Background in JS, HTML and Python

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