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Enterprise Architecture

The emergence of new disruptive technologies influences how customers behave. It is imperative to be current and agile, yet aligned with the rapidly changing state of your industry. It is important to take advantage of emerging technology platforms such as mobile, cloud, new development tooling, big data analytics, and machine learning to drive your business and its performance. Our architects work with your team and ensure compliance with your organization’s standards in areas such as planning, development, tool selection and implementation, and the provision of high-quality resources for results.

What are the common challenges that you might be facing now which can be solved?


• Enterprise Architecture Design

An Enterprise Architecture Roadmap puts all strategic changes into perspective. Our service starts with an assessment of your existing enterprise architecture program against a reference operating model and a maturity model. Based on your objectives and needs, we develop a roadmap – including governance, roles, and responsibilities – to lead you to the desired maturity level.


• Business and IT Strategy Alignment

Aligning business strategy and IT strategy is an ongoing process. Technology needs to support your overarching goals in virtually every department, which leads to better investments and more productive IT teams. Our services provide advice on creating competitive advantages by leveraging IT to transform your business operations.


• Application Rationalization

Application rationalization is the radical reshuffling of an application portfolio to eliminate redundant and non-value-adding applications, and free up future budget for new business-critical work. We can help you replace, retire, modernize, or consolidate applications, as well as implement changes in line with your digital strategy.


• Application Assessment

With our Application Architecture Assessment, you will gain an overview of your entire application landscape. This will help you to make well-founded decisions to realize your digital strategy. We provide recommendations on the use, content, and support of the application architecture to take your application landscape and architecture to a higher level.


• IT Infrastructure Assessment

With our IT Infrastructure Assessment, you can obtain quick wins, understand what your technical challenges are and what your approach should be to designing an IT infrastructure that is right for your organization’s digital strategy. You can then develop a flexible, scalable, and optimized IT infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your business.


• Technology Selection

Based on our advice for creating competitive advantages by leveraging IT to transform your business operations, we help you in the selection and implementation of new technologies. We use our knowledge of emerging technology platforms – and how to adopt them – to work with your team on assuring alignment across your entire organization.


• Coaching and Training Architects

Architects increasingly rely on their role as a trusted advisor in order to define and realize your digital strategy. Quint helps architects build a bridge between stakeholders (including management and members of agile teams) and architecture by providing relevant training and coaching in the practices of their discipline, as well as in the use of instruments that architects apply to have an impact on their immediate environment.

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