Transforming Consumer Financing :

Challenges and Opportunities in the Lending and Leasing Market

Building and maintaining competitive advantage in the lending and leasing market has never been tougher. As the industry becomes increasingly complex and competitive, financial institutions must diagnose their own IT infrastructure and systems. Why? To determine ways in which they can improve business efficiency, drive growth and enhance dealer relationships, while enabling a seamless customer experience. For many, the answer lies in a technology solution with end-to-end capabilities and a flexible, scalable architecture to safeguard investment – from loan origination to servicing and collection processes to traditional screening, credit scoring, underwriting and loan processing.


To further examine the lending industry landscape and the associated challenges and opportunities, Oracle partnered with Cognito to conduct a survey amongst key members within the lending and leasing space. The survey was performed through LinkedIn, by engaging directly with relevant community groups and their members through group postings and direct message outreach. Participants hailed from banking institutions, credit unions and automobile dealers, amongst other financial institutions. Within the survey, 70% of the participants qualified themselves as being directly responsible for managing their consumer finance operations in some capacity.

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