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The New Shared


Expected Outcomes

Participants will understand what blockchain does and how it features in the roadmap of Industry 4.0.

Participants will gain intrinsic understanding of the true value of blockchain, triggering discussions and interests in future adoption and commercialization.

Through real life use cases, participants will gain insight into how different industries are using blockchain in its journey through digital transformation.


The Advent of Data Automation                                            01.


How Blockchain Drives Industry 4.0                                     02.


Journey Through the Path of Decentralisation                   03.


Real World Applications – Presentation of POCs               04.


About Blockphoria and InfoTrek                                            05.








9am – 12pm /

2pm – 5pm 


Info Trek, Amcorp Mall, PJ

To provide an insight into how blockchain is the prevalent technology to drive data automation for industry 4.0.

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